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About us

About Quality Formations

Quality Formations is an online company formation agent based in Covent Garden, London. We provide simple and affordable online company registration and a range of business essential services.

As one of the most highly-rated company registration agents in the UK, we have been able to partner with some of the biggest business organisations, including Lloyds, Google and Namesco, to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Our simple 5 step online company registration process makes it easy for clients to form new businesses, and our range of central London company address services project the professional image they desire.

We are dedicated to offering our clients the support and advice they need to successfully register their new companies and maintain them in a cost effective and legally compliant manner.

Our expert team, who have a wide range of experience, are ready to answer questions about limited company formation and beyond. Please feel free to get in touch using contact us or call 020 3908 0044.

Our services

Online company formation

Quality Formations is a company formation agent authorised by Companies House. This enables our clients to carry out company name searches at Companies House using our name check tool, and also register limited companies and LLPs within 3 working hours in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Professional address services

Our range of professional address services are available to purchase before, during and after company formation, so you don't have to be an existing Quality Formations client to enjoy these services. Companies incorporated in England and Wales can enjoy the benefits of our Registered Office Service. We also offer a Service Address and a Business Address Service, both of which are suitable for all UK companies.

Company Maintenance

Our free Client Admin Portal allows you to manage and update your company quickly and efficiently online. This facility is directly linked to Companies House, so any changes you make to the details of your company will be automatically sent to Companies House.

Meet the team

CEO & Founder

Graeme Donnelly, CEO and Founder.

About me

Favourite Book: The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow.
Likes: Watches and motorbikes.
Dislikes: Coffee and Lord of the Rings.

Graeme Donnelly

CEO - Quality Formations Ltd

"Teamwork is when individuals commit to a common
goal...and that is what makes Quality Formations work."

Company Secretarial Services

Agne Peciulaite, CoSec Executive

About me

Favourite Book: Jodi Picoult – Lone Wolf.
Likes: Travelling, motorcycles and sweet pancakes.
Dislikes: Onions.

Agne Peciulaite

CoSec Executive

Head of Customer Services

John Carpenter, Head of Customer Services.

About me

Favourite Book: Thinking Fast and Slow.
Likes: Reading, Exploring and Lower League Football.
Dislikes: Caffeine crashes and Very hot weather.

John Carpenter

Head of Customer Services

Kariesha M Lawson, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: The Wisdom and Teachings of a Perfectly Flawed Man.
Likes: Food and shopping.
Dislikes: Rudeness and rain.

Kariesha M Lawson

Company Formation Executive

Michael Edoimioya, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: 48 Laws of Power.
Likes: Travelling, home cooked meals prepared with love and family.
Dislikes: Bad manners, judgemental people and negativity.

Michael Edoimioya

Company Formation Executive

Ryan Muschett, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: Psycho Cybernetics and Zappos.
Likes: The gym and driving long distance.
Dislikes: Traffic and slow drivers.

Ryan Muschett

Company Formation Executive

Leah Hidden, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Likes: Cats, Jazz, Books and Oysters.
Dislikes: Tesco's hummus.

Leah Hidden

Company Formation Executive

André Lloyd, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: Where Is The True Church? and Its Incrdible History
Likes: Watches, Ties and Bodybuilding
Dislikes: The rain, the cold, milk

André Lloyd

Company Formation Executive

David Hoxha, Company Formation Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: Broken April - Ismail Kadare
Likes: Football, Holidays and Music
Dislikes: Rudeness, Rain & Shopping

David Hoxha

Company Formation Executive


Rebecca Honnan, Admin Manager.

About me

Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Likes: Shopping, spending time with friends and holidays.
Dislikes: Mushrooms, Mondays and being allergic to hazelnuts.

Rebecca Honnan

Admin Manager

Danielle McMullan, Dispatch Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Twilight.
Likes: Holidays, Netflix and Christmas.
Dislikes: Cheese, onions and January.

Danielle McMullan

Dispatch Administrator

Sam Morrison, Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: The Great Gatsby.
Likes: Fake Tan, Food, Sleeping and Irn Bru.
Dislikes: Public Transport and Small Talk.

Sam Morrison



Sarah Murray , Mail Manager Glasgow.

About me

Favourite Book: Twilight series
Likes: Shopping
Dislikes: Having no money to shop.

Sarah Murray

Mail Manager Glasgow

Kayley Jane Joyce, Mail Manager London.

About me

Favourite Book: Dating Big Bird.
Likes: Musicals, football, summer and long walks.
Dislikes: Winter and people that stop suddenly when you’re walking behind them!

Kayley Jane Joyce

Mail Manager London

Patricia Bool, Mail Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Flowers in the attic.
Likes: The sun, holidays & chilled nights in.
Dislikes: Bees, toothaches & the rain.

Patricia Bool

Mail Administrator

Kieron Ramson, Mail Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Birdsong.
Likes: Holidays, Dancing and Politeness.
Dislikes: Cold Weather, Spiders.

Kieron Ramson

Mail Administrator


Jessica Maynard, Reception Manager.

About me

Favourite Book: Bridget Jones Diary.
Likes: Socialising with family/ friends, taking my dog for a walk, visiting new places and shopping.
Dislikes: Spiders and being too hot.

Jessica Maynard

Reception Manager

Anne Bonner, Senior Receptionist.

About me

Favourite Book: Angela’s Ashes.
Likes: Going out with friends, listening to music and eating.
Dislikes: Cold weather.

Anne Bonner

Senior Receptionist

Lisa Doyle, Receptionist.

About me

Favourite Book: Elsewhere.
Likes: Netflix, Shopping & Eating.
Dislikes: Mornings.

Lisa Doyle


Kayleigh Dunn, Receptionist.

About me

Favourite Book: Don't really like reading.
Likes: Shopping and going on holiday.
Dislikes: Having no money and sports.

Kayleigh Dunn


Gemma Nimmo, Receptionist.

About me

Favourite Book: N/A.
Likes: A good night out.
Dislikes: Seafood/Sushi.

Gemma Nimmo



Piotr Chmielinski, Senior Web Developer.

About me

Favourite Book: The Empire Trilogy.
Likes: New Places, New Food.
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Waiting.

Piotr Chmielinski

Media Team Manager

Gregor Louden, Grephic Designer.

About me

Favourite Book: The Crow Road.
Likes: Music, Outdoors and Friday Nights.
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Pessimistic Outlooks.

Gregor Louden

Graphic Designer

Unen Tsogtbaatar, Digital Media Executive.

About me

Favourite Book: Mongol.
Likes: Achieving goals and Holiday.
Dislikes: Chelsea Football Club, dumb people and sitting in the back seat on a long journey.

Unen Tsogtbaatar

Digital Media Executive

John McInall, Front End Developer.

About me

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones.
Likes: Rugby, Golf, Football.
Dislikes: Nothing?

John McInall

Front End Developer

Liano Martin, Web Designer.

About me

Favourite Book: Of Mice and Men.
Likes: Football, music and hot weather.
Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts.

Liano Martin

Design Intern

Iain Anderson, System Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones.
Likes: Beer Gardens, Sunshine, Weekends away.
Dislikes: Public transport, Veg.

Iain Anderson

System Administrator


Gordon Andrew, PAYE/VAT Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Post Office by Charles Bukowski.
Likes: Love listening to music and watching/playing Football as often as I can.
Dislikes: Justin Bieber’s music and reality TV.

Gordon Andrew

PAYE/VAT Administrator

Gillian Spence, Finance Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: PS I Love You.
Likes: Christmas.
Dislikes: Birds.

Gillian Spence

Finance Administrator


James Howell, Financial Controller.

About me

Favourite Book: Outliers – The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.
Likes: Music, holidays and driving.
Dislikes: Tomatoes and TV Talent shows.

James Howell

Compliance Manager

Ross Gibson, Compliance Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Harry Potter.
Likes: Beyonce, Dogs and Food.
Dislikes: People who don't like Beyonce! & Vegetables.

Ross Gibson

Compliance Administrator

Shabana Khan, Compliance Senior Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: The Catcher In The Rye.
Likes: Travelling.
Dislikes: Spiders.

Shabana Khan

Compliance Senior Administrator

Andrew Ross, Compliance Senior Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: The Brothers Karamazov.
Likes: Karaoke & Ceilidh Dancing
Dislikes: Mayonnaise.

Andrew Ross

Compliance Senior Administrator

Annalise Maguire,  Compliance Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Beautiful Creatures.
Likes: Greggs Baguettes, boohoo.com and shoes.
Dislikes: Candles, Nando's and cats.

Annalise Maguire

Compliance Administrator

Tanya Martin,  Compliance Administrator.

About me

Favourite Book: Girl on the Train.
Likes: Disney, Christmas & travelling to new places.
Dislikes: Spiders, bad manners & the rain.

Tanya Martin

Compliance Administrator

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